Together We can End Homelessness

NoCO CoC Trainings and Presentations

Housing First: Why This Works to End Homelessness with Dr. Sam Tsemberis

Join us as we delve into an enlightening event that took place on August 17th. Dr. Sam Tsemberis, the visionary behind the globally renowned Housing First model, delivered an impactful workshop tailored for Greeley and the wider northern Colorado area. Discover how this model holds the potential to elevate our community while immersing yourself in real-world scenarios that underscore the core principles of Housing First.

Intersection of Domestic Violence & Homelessness

Learn about the basics of domestic violence, the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness, how to best support people experiencing domestic violence, how to connect them to services, and considerations for victims of domestic violence accessing housing resources and services through CAHPS. Click Here for a copy of the Slides from the presentation.

A Woman's Place (Greeley) - 970-356-4226

Alternatives to Violence (Loveland) - 970-669-5150

Crossroads Safehouse (Fort Collins) - 970-482-3502

Crisis Advocates (Estes Park) - 970-577-9781

Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Center (Greeley/Ft Collins/Loveland) - 970-472-4200

The Fair Housing Act and Fair Housing Rights in Colorado

John Paul Marosy from the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center provides information on housing discrimination and specific protections afforded to people in the Fair Housing Act as well as Colorado's own Fair Housing laws. Learn More

Harm Reduction Best Practices working with People Experiencing Homelessness

Sam Bourdon of the CO Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Overdose Prevention Unit provides specific information on the overdose epidemic, drug use basics, understanding harm reduction, practical strategies and how to respond to emergencies from the lens of working with people experiencing homelessness. Click Here for a copy of the slides from the presentation.

Addressing Homelessness Best Practices

Housing First Fact Sheet

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Emergency Shelter Learning Series

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Effective Shelter Expectations

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Rapid Rehousing Toolkit

National Alliance to End Homelessness

Evaluating Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Trauma-Informed Data Collection Practices

"We Listened - Centering Identity Through Changes in Data Collection" - Housing & Urban Development Department

Fair Housing Act and Colorado Fair Housing Laws

Denver Metro Fair Housing Center

Continuum of Care Program and Emergency Solutions Grant